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The “Cutting Edge” in Orthopedic Massage Therapy for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic pain.

Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic Massage Therapy gives you a consistently higher level of training and performance and is effective in converting scar tissue into functional fibers.​

You should not wait until the swelling has subsided and bad bruises have healed. Receiving treatment should be about one or two days after an injury.​


Orthopedic Massage Therapy: Improving Function and Sports Performance

We know and understand specific hands-on orthopedic therapy to improve sports performance and allow the human body to become a finely tuned machine.

Are you fed up with the consistent pain of your lower back? Or do you feel your knees don’t work that well? The orthopedic specialist in Dallas can help you relieve serious body issues like: upper back pain, lower back pain, pinched nerve, sciatica, back spasms, neck pain, spinal stenosis, and many more. At Orthopedic Massage Therapy, we believe in helping our clients feel relaxed and better than ever. By using a variety of massage therapy techniques.

Whether you are looking for a sports therapy or you direly need lower back treatment in Dallas, we can help! Our team of orthopedic massage experts in Dallas is known for reducing the symptoms of a gamut of back, neck, and spinal problems. With years of experience and a positive reputation, we have managed to become the best name for massage in the entire Dallas region.

Issues like sciatica and back muscle pain can disturb your everyday life. Especially for athletes and sports professionals who need to stay fit and healthy at all times. Suffering from something as painful as back spasms or severe neck pain can be awful and be threatening for the career. With our team of the best orthopedic specialists in Dallas, you can rest guaranteed to get the suitable massage therapy to treat your health condition.

We aim to help people agonizing over any back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, spinal issues. And rest assured you will receive safe massage therapy in Dallas. So no matter what’s the cause of your pain, our orthopedic massage team can improve that for you! For more information, feel free to reach out to us and get instant relief.

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“When I first came to you, I had little range of motion in my hips and my upper and lower back were in knots. Thanks for your persistence and patience you were able to get me in alignment and have full flexibility in my overall body. You are truly AMAZING, and God has given you a great talent. I highly recommend your service to anyone who struggles with pain!”


"Orthopedic LMT Steven Valenzuela made changes in my core muscles and joints that I consider revolutionary. After years of assaulting my body in sports and outdoor activities my muscles and joints were ready for some relief. His approach is specific, gentle and incredibly effective. I have always put a high regard on flexibility and core strength and I credit Steve with unlocking energy, power and flexibility I believed I had lost."

Dr. Mark Mohnac DC CCSP​

"I have been going to Steven for the past three years for back and hip pain. My career is in fitness and the military that involves extremely strenuous workouts multiples times a day that leaves my back and body in noticeable pain. Before I found Steven I tried dozens chiropractors who would spend a total of five minutes on me."

Matt Jones, Military


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