Massage for Hip Pain

Here is something to improve hip performance. As an orthopedic massage therapist, I see tight hips and all kinds of issues related to the hip.  Hip pain is something that lots of people experience. First I always say, Any Pain is not a positive experience. I see lots of people with an imbalance between front and back or side to side of the pelvis. Let us first look at what is tight and treat the areas that are tight. Because of muscles being tight around the hip, the joint will also become tight. Is it muscle that is tight or the hip joint that makes it difficult to tie your shoes or just plain move. Or is it both muscles and joints that are restricting a persons flexibility. Tight hips come from how people sit or sleep and of course many other reasons. But a very common reason related to tight his is the position of sitting or sleeping. Please do not worry about how you sit or sleep. Just get worked on by a trained professional.(orthopedic massage therapist). Muscles in the front of the pelvis have a lot to do

 with what is felt on the side and back of the hip. On the back of the hip there are two groups of muscles (meaning left or right posterior hip). So on the back of the hip these two groups of muscles turn the femur in and out. So let us make this as simple as possible. Let us figure out front to back what is tight, muscle or joint. Then on the back of the pelvis, let us figure out rotation. Meaning, depending on the joint integrity, we will improve your hip function, meaning moving the hip back and forth or rotation side to side.  So, even when muscles and joints are tight. We can improve the flexibility of both muscles and joints by moving them in the direction that they do not want to move. Meaning I see people improving with each treatment and usually it’s not as bad as we think it may be. Let’s begin working on improving what is tight each piece at a time.  Should you have any questions, please feel confident to ask me . Improve hip function is definitely going to help the lower back and knee function. Using orthopedic massage therapy is definitely a positive step towards not hurting!

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