Massage for Knee Pain

Pain is never anything positive to experience. Yes massage will help, let’s take a closer look at improving function of the knee by orthopedic massage therapy. Many times when people come for therapy for knee pain. I see lots of similar muscles that contribute or add additional force and pressure to whatever is going on or has happened to the knee. Here are some important muscles related to knee pain. The front of the pelvis can add additional pressure to the knee and a trained healthcare professional can evaluate and treat. These muscles are called hip flexors. So the pelvis being level is a key to proper function of the knee. So let’s look at hip flexors and a muscle on the side of the lumbar spine called quadrates lumborum.  Next, there are three muscles that make up the hamstring. For hamstrings, two muscles attachment at the medial and one is lateral behind the knee. This is important because the medial

hamstrings can contribute to the direction of tibial movement. Like wise the lateral can also contribute to how the knee functions. The gastrocnemius is a calf muscle that attaches behind and above the knee. There are several muscles that run behind the tibia. Orthopedic massage therapy to these muscles can also contribute to improving function of the knee. Let’s figure out what is going on with each mechanical piece. Once we know what parts of the pelvis and knee are tight. By the posture, range of motion and what the range of motion feels like. Then we can begin to improve knee function, please feel confident to ask me any questions. Yes there more moving parts or muscles but the best place to start is by looking to improve what is tight by massage or orthopedic massage therapy. Orthopedic massage therapy is definitely a positive step towards not hurting, increasing circulation and improving flexibility. Orthopedic Massage Therapy can improve function and point out areas of the physical body that need improvement.

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