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Orthopedic Massage About Us



Orthopedic Massage

  • Hands-On Therapy for all people and ages
  • Pain Free work
  • Treatment of Pain/Dysfunction
  • Specialized Therapy
  • Compliment to both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy​
  • Less strain and discomfort in training​
  • Improve lost mobility​
  • Treat acute injuries properly so those areas do not become a source of continued trouble​
  • Reduce muscle soreness and breaks up fibrosis that binds muscle fibers to each other​

​Orthopedic Massage Therapy gives you a consistently higher level of training and performance and is effective in converting scar tissue into functional fibers.​ You should not wait until the swelling has subsided and bad bruises have healed. Receiving treatment should be about one or two days after an injury.​


We know and understand specific hands-on orthopedic therapy to improve sports performance and allow the human body to become a finely tuned machine. The limits are pushed every day and sports performance can be attributed to any number of key factors:

  • Improved equipment
  • Enhanced understanding of how nutrition fuels the body
  • Scientific advances in the study of the body structure and function

​​Any area of the body that is restricted in movement can and will affect your performance. Every mechanical part of the body should be FREE to operate at its highest potential.​​

“Orthopedic LMT Steven Valenzuela made changes in my core muscles and joints that I consider revolutionary. After years of assaulting my body in sports and outdoor activities, my muscles and joints were ready for some relief. In 2 treatment sessions with Steven’s orthopedic massage, my unresponsive and battered muscles were re-awakened. His approach is specific, gentle and incredibly effective. I have always put a high regard on flexibility and core strength and I credit Steve with unlocking energy, power, and flexibility I believed I had lost.”

Highly recommended by Dr. Mark Mohnac DC CCSP

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