Foot Massage!
This is something that should never be passed up! Every day our feet Work! And to take care of our feet is super important. I recently just talked about feet and this is something that absolutely stands out to me. I have not studied reflexology. I have had many reflexology sessions and believe in its therapeutic effects. I understand the function or how every part of the body mechanically works together. And this is dealing with the nerves system, meaning working on nerve endings that are connected to certain organs or body systems. First let me say this! Enjoy having massage to any part of your body. If that’s from family, friends or a trained professional. The purpose of massage therapy is to help the body (in many ways) feel better. So, Enjoy! I have had many foot massages in the past! My favorite is going from one place to another. To schedule a full body massage and then drive straight to another place that will do reflexology to my feet.
For my work related to our feet! Simple. The pelvis has a lot to do with the entire body. When I see a person for shoulder of neck pain. Many times, I start with the pelvis! For foot or knee pain, I start with the pelvis! This is not for everyone, but function of the pelvis is a Huge part of helping with pain conditions. A person should be able to stand straight with weight equally divided between both of their legs. When weight is not equally divided, one leg will have more pressure than another. This will cause problems, of course this would be over a long period of time! So when one area of the body is tight/dysfunction (people feel tension/uncomfortable). A person will stand with one leg to the side or switch from side to side. The moving from side to side is an imbalance of the pelvis. This is how I take care of people, by restoring function and allowing the body to move the way it was designed too. Go ENJOY Your Foot Massage Today!

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