There are many different types of massage therapy and many different massage therapist that can offer many different forms of massage therapy. Along with that there are many different health benefits that come from receiving massage on a regular basis. So first, receiving massage by a trained professional, no matter where you are or why your receiving a massage. There are many positive health benefits that you are receiving. Each therapist is trained of offer quality, respect and true sincere heart to serve the public. There are principles of ethics, rules and morals for all trained massage therapists to uphold by the State they practice in.

How Orthopedic Massage Therapy different than other forms of massage. Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a specific treatment to improving or restoring the body’s function.

I have helped people over the last 20 years mostly because of physical pain and a loss of range of motion. I would definitely say, physical pain in the number one reason why people come to see me. Orthopedic Massage Therapy is not only about physical pain but also improving sports performance and maintaining health and wellness. What I call prevention.

I call this the three P’s: PainPerformance and Prevention.

So how is Orthopedic Massage Therapy different? The simplest way for me to describe orthopedic massage therapy, “Specific hands on therapy to treat and improve the bodies function from a trained and experienced professional.”

When a person is physically hurting, usually there is some type of loss of range of motion. This is a great example of when seeing an orthopedic massage therapist would be very helpful. Many times I have heard people say, “I didn’t do anything.” And as I begin working with them. We will figure out what happened or they will recall an injury and say. “Well I had this injury years ago and it might be related”? My response 9 times out of 10, it is very related.

You see, when a person heals after an injury there is usually a loss of range of motion. Some people will lose range of motion and get used to moving in this loss of range of motion. A muscle spasm is very different from a cramp. A spasm happens very slowly after an injury. Later in life it will create other issues. It is very important to help our body heal and to restore the loss range of motion or function. This would come from a trained professional.

Again, the number one reason I see most people is Physical Pain. An area that I have helped people to excel in, Sports Performance. I have also maintained people, seeing them weekly, bimonthly or monthly and I would call this Prevention or maintenance. 

 What makes orthopedic massage different is one word, Treatment.

It’s a specific treatment.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy

Improving Strength, Power and Flexibility

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