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I have an incredibly strong desire to help people with physical body pain that started 20+ years ago. Pain is a very strong motivator! This experience created a very strong intent and feeling in me of helping Millions, Billions of people! By a form of hands-on therapy, Orthopedic Massage Therapy. What I strongly envisioned by this very painful lower back pain experience! It really means understanding, “Why do we experience pain? And how can I learn? What can we do to improve for a better tomorrow? Or better to really, really never go through this experience again! If at all possible.

Pain is a signal that lets us know something is going on inside of the body! Think of a check engine light for a car. The light itself is not the problem.

When I was personally hurting. I carried fear, worry, anxiety and a list of other not so comfortable feelings. First, to not be afraid of pain, it’s definitely not fun. But let’s begin understanding and looking for why and what is related to a person physically hurting.

There are many reasons for pain! I am going to talk about acute and chronic physical body pain. And how Orthopedic Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy and Massage Therapy can help to improve the quality of our body functions.

First remember! And I say this often, “Keep It Simple Steven!

Acute pain, usually a sharp feeling and servers as a warning of some type of threat to the body. Many different reasons to have acute pain: trauma,  surgery, cuts and burns (from cold or heat).  Injury to the body for whichever of these reasons and then the healing journey begins. 

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts weeks, months or longer. This kind of pain can continue even after the injury that caused it has already healed and gone. But usually is developed due to an injury whether knowing or not knowing at all. And I have seen this quite a bit with athletes. Just training is injuring the body a little at a time. That’s why we feel sore after a workout. The soreness is part of the healing process and when the body heals it becomes tighter and stronger! I’ll talk more about this later. 

What can happen and see this happen often. An injury to the body creating a chronic pain condition. The body is not moving at its best range of motion and a person may feel some tightness and not relate it to a past injury.  This can lead to other areas of the body hurting or a joint wearing out due to the additional force (dysfunction) placed on it. 

Note: We all need help with posture and flexibility for Improving how the body is design to move and function.

I’ll come back to pain; our body becomes tight for many reasons: of course, this is over a long period of time.  But sitting, standing, sleeping and just day to day life has everything to do with becoming tight. Body tightness is something that happens extremely slow. And we know that our body is tight, not from a physical feeling but a loss of range of motion. It’s just plain harder to move. I have had so many people say to me. Usually, people that are very tight and seeing them for a short period of time. “I have a lot more energy!” But it’s not that they have more energy, it requires more energy to move a tight body. When people are really tight, orthopedic massage therapy helps the function of our body.

Any type of therapy: Orthopedic Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and the list goes on, are all Wonderful forms of Therapy. Please do not let anyone hurt You! Let’s match what your body truly needs to the form of Therapy received! 

Any therapist that says, “No Pain, No Gain”. Is not aware that this statement applies to training, performance and exercise! Yes, there is and can be discomfort that momentarily hurts and is a part of restoring function. Also, a pain that feels Extremely Good. But no person needs to endure pain in order to alleviate pain.

I am going to give two examples of pain and improving the healing process. One for acute pain and the other for chronic pain but please know that every person and every condition is different. The information is only to give an idea of acute pain and chronic pain. Also, a general idea of how to help these areas.

Two areas that are super important for acute pain and the process of healing!

1.) Increasing circulation 

2.) decreasing muscle tension by process of creating balance and improving function 

During the two years I toured with the national tour of Cats. One of the cast members came off of one of the set pieces and rolled her ankle. Her injury left her with severe ankle swelling and ankle pain. When talking with the company manager and cast member, the cast member was in tears (part because of the pain she felt emotionally and physically) and did not want to be sent home for therapy. The cast member was very aware that her staying on the road was really not an option for her. She asked the company manager (many times) to keep her a couple of days and for me to work with her. She was given the time so that she could work with her. 

Acute pain.

First, let me say this, healing is a process and I believe a very strong part is nutrition. 

The cast member and I went to work with therapy to help her physically heal. We started with submerging her lower leg in ice water and body work that has to do with healing. (Without touching the injured area.)  There are lots of details that I am leaving out and giving an idea of the process/therapy.  But for body work, think of increasing circulation and taking tension/pressure off the injured area. Body work for her was working with her pelvis, neck and shoulders all of these areas help to increase circulation that is also helping the healing process. 

There was work to her lower leg but not painful at all, more so to improve function without touching the injured area. Within a few days she was back to performing and I would also tape her ankle for added support.  We did continue therapy treatments until she was no longer hurting. But overall, she impressed me with how fast she recovered! Taping her ankle was for a short period of time and is only for added support .

It’s really not about touching or massage of what is hurting. But to help the body heal from an acute injury. Yes, I did work on where she was injured but in its right time and agin a process to restoring function.

Chronic pain.

When we use to go to church, with my parents, maybe fourteen years ago. A member of the church was hurting. And many times, would say that he needed my help. But in that time, I never did see him. Maybe a couple of years had passed when he contacted me because of numbness of both his hands. The numbness of both hands did relate to shoulder and spine dysfunction. But the true dysfunction was the pain going back to when he I would see him at church. There are so many details that I am leaving out, but to give a general idea of how one part of the body can relate to another. And going back to the word Chronic. Well, we began working on improving posture with body work to improve function. And yes, it did take a little bit of time and work. But in order to take care of the numbness of his hands. Without question, the beginning was about taking care of his initial area of pain. 

There is a process for helping the body to heal, either from acute pain or chronic pain. Both are treated different, but I would say that understanding the process makes everything happen a lot smoother! 

I realize that every person and condition is different, but please understand that if its acute or chronic, it is a process. Some people will move through the process quickly and others not so quickly. 

And after we are past painful experience. Maintenance!

Remember the check engine light. Many times, I tell people to not forget the pain and to learn from the experience. What can we learn? Let’s grow from a painful experience and not go through this ever again. Think of maintenance for the body as many areas: exercise, quality food, sleep, exercise and many other health and wellness activities to include body work. It is a Lifestyle! I will later write more about Chiropractic Therapy and Massage Therapy. 

I am here to guide You and Empower You for Optimal Results in Performance!

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