Massage Therapy Gun!
Oh Wow, these are Amazing massage therapy tools! There are really a lot of massage tools and I mean a lot of tools out there. You will find some massage therapy guns better than others. I have personally had many massage therapy sessions with Gary Fineske. Many of times Gary would have to use Erchonia percussor device because of a very contracted muscle of my left upper back. So, a massage therapy gun combined with a massage therapist work is truly powerful! Gary has been Amazing at helping me to be functional again. And Gary is an amazing massage therapist and Erchonia’s Percussor device is one solid massage therapy gun. Massage therapy guns are great tools for massage therapy! Tools that can be used for when a muscle is very tight and contracted. There are different speeds of these massage therapy guns, as well as different attachment heads or tips. Of course, each treatment session needs to be specific for what a person needs. The more specific we can be.
about why they are used, the better! Matching therapy too condition is the best solution. This is where a trained professional comes in. Whom will know, guide, direct, listen and work with what treatment is right for you

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