I would guess that, our first thought to exercise, would not be about helping the brain. Yes, exercise helps the body and we can see it’s positive effects that are made to our body. But exercise to improving the brain would probably not be top of mind. Exercise has many, many health benefits.

There are several types of exercise and I am going to make it simple. I’ll make two categories.

One type of exercise is for the heart, this would be called aerobic. That’s increasing the use of oxygen circulating through our body by physical exercise. Or simply put, getting your heart rate up. Simple ways of doing this would be walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. This does not need to be difficult and can be walking around the block. Always starting with what can be comfortably done. And gradually increasing the duration and intensity. Always remembering this is about a gradual process of improving overall health.

Side note: Anytime we set out to begin a new project/goal. The decision has to be very powerful. Along the way there are so many feelings. The decision has to Over Power all the feelings that come up along the way. So make a strong decision and start with what you know you can do without hurting yourself. Be consistent.

And the other type of exercise. I don’t have a name for you. Would be moving/using the rest of your body. Every muscle, tendon, ligament or cartilage will respond to its use. It takes no effort to lose flexibility or muscle mass and an example of this would be a fracture. Anytime there is a fracture of a bone. Healing takes time and muscle will atrophy and become tighter.

Simply put, exercise is Powerful for both short term and long term brain function. As well as so many other Health Benefits and helping us to enjoy the quality of life. Brain activity, which includes a number of different areas will positively increase.

Short term effects of exercise would be immediate improvements of mood, focus or attention. Think of the brain as if it were a muscle. Long term effects of exercise are of course is what can be physically seen.

What can not be seen, blood circulation is truly important. As blood moves back to the heart, valves within veins allow blood to move in only one direction to the heart. Muscle contraction is what moves blood and lymph back towards the heart. And as we exercise and dilation of the circulatory system along with fiber begins scrubbing and cleaning veins and arteries. Having plenty of fiber will help to clean vein and artery walls as it circulates through the circulatory system.

Yes there are so many benefits to exercise.

Sleep, weight loss or improves metabolism, level of energy, reduce the risk of disease, increased brain power, improved circulation, strengthen the heart, improved attention, decreased risk of depression, improved hormone function, stress reduction, strengthens bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.

My main focus is the Powerful effects of both short term and long term improvements of exercise with brain function.

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