Good Health comes from many different pieces and massage is definitely one of those pieces. Orthopedic Massage Therapy is an added bonus. In the past, I have never said to any one person, “Come every week.” I have seen orthopedic massage therapy clients weekly and their improvements have impressed me. Their mood, sleep, skin, ROM or flexibility, mind and posture are a testimony to consistent orthopedic massage therapy. While massage is very relaxing, orthopedic massage is a step further. The focus is not just massage, but stretching and improving function.

There is something that is very powerful when we bring each component of health and wellness together. Some components would be: (I will talk about each at a later time) Quality of food, quality of water, taking time for breathing exercises, physical exercise, connecting to the ground, conscience awareness of posture and the quality/duration of sleep.

I am going to focus on the positive health benefits of frequent orthopedic massage therapy. And using the word therapy for a specific reason. The definition of therapy is: treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

I tell no one that I can heal them and I do not call myself a healer. I have always said, “I that I facilitate healing by improving circulation and taking tension/pressure off an area.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy is Very relaxing, that is not the intent of this form of massage but Yes, people do come to relax. Again people receive orthopedic massage therapy for one main reason and that would be because of physical pain. From the treatment of their physical pain, this leads to regular treatments or what I would call maintenance of their body. And the third reason that I see people is for improving sports performance.

Benefits of regular orthopedic massage therapy because of coming to sessions that are weekly, bimonthly or monthly. Every person is different in the amount they come.

Each person has different needs, to include there budget, schedule and all that is happening in there life. I am here to work with each person according to their specific needs.

This is what I have seen improve: One that most people can not see is their own posture. Most people will say I feel straighter. ROM or Flexibility. Skin. Sleep. I have had so many people say that they have more energy. I tell them your energy is the same. It takes more energy to move a tight body. Mood. Improved Digestion/urination (an effect of working on hip flexors (happens later), I will dislodge waste from the large intestine). Decrease in blood pressure. When the body is tight, the heart works harder to move blood from the heart to the body and it takes more effort to move blood back to the heart. Many people detox. Oh and fat, fat gets disbursed and people just look better.

I tell everyone its like watching grass grow. One lady said to me, “Well my grass is growing in the winter!” We all improve and at our own pace. The bottom line is, We can improve!

Health and Wellness is priceless!

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Improving Strength, Power and Flexibility

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