Back in the Day…

To understand why I started Orthopedic Massage Therapy we have to go back in time.

In 1997, I use to weight train 5 to 6 days a week and this led to a lower back injury. I use to train in several gyms in central Arlington (Gold’s on 303, the Q close to Parks Mall (now its 24hr fitness) and MetroFlex). Due to all the training, this led to lots of tightness of my body, especially my lower back. I injured my lower back on a really, really light leg day. At the time I thought, I didn’t do anything.

Usually, my training sessions were very intense and to hurt my self on a light day made absolutely no sense. Due to the injury of my left SI joint, nerves were also injured and I lost feeling and movement of my left lower leg. I lost ROM/feeling from the front of my left knee to my toes. The anterior part of my lower leg. I felt that I would never heal and have back pain for the rest of my life. And that it would only continue to get worse. It’s amazing the thoughts that went through my mind during that time. After many treatments for my lower back and many, many sleepless nights.

The Moment of Change

There was one day, this was the worst day ever but (today) it was actually my best day ever. Because I was not able to raise my left foot. I would wear out the front of my left shoe. One day I tore the front sole of my left shoe. I remember just wanting to go home and be alone. When I finally made it home, I had to deal with my roommates. Guys that were always looking to pick on each other and I had no desire to hear it. After getting past them and being alone in my room. I said out loud, “I’M DONE! I’m finished Hurting!”

The Idea to Help People and Start Orthopedic Massage

I told my left lower leg, (pointing to it) “YOUR MOVING!” And told my lower back, “You’re NOT going to Hurt Anymore!” “I am Going to do something for Me and Other People!” “I am Going to Help a Lot of People!”

From that moment on, I kept telling (by my thoughts and out loud) my left lower leg to move, move, move. From the beginning to the end of every day, OVER and over, all day long. My lower leg did not move but I was so determined it’s Going to move. I don’t remember how much time passed from when I began to do this, until the day my left big toe finally moved. But the day I felt my left big toe move, was the most exciting day ever. I remember the feeling and being so eggar to take my shoe and sock off to look and see my foot move.

That day I knew, that everything was going to be ok! It’s as if putting gas on a fire that it only drove me to be even more intentional.

Orthopedic Massage Therapy

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